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Terms and conditions of Extended Guarantee

§ 1

General information

1.1 This document (hereinafter: Regulations) defines the terms and conditions of Extended Guarantee provided by Senetic LTD, 3 More London Riverside London SE1 2RE United Kingdom, Company Number: 07125121 VAT Number: GB990202141 (hereinafter: Senetic), to entrepreneurs (within the meaning of Article 43 (1) of the Civil Code, hereinafter: Customer) for goods purchased directly from the Intenet Store (www.senetic.ie) or by contacting the sales department by phone (+44 (0) 20 3666 5800) or by email ([email protected]), included in the Extended Guarantee program (hereinafter: Product). The Regulations shall not affect the warranty conditions granted by the Manufacturer.

§ 2

Extended Guarantee Privileges

2.1 Extended Guarantee shall not affect the Customer's rights resulting from the provisions of the statutory liability for defective products.

2.2 Extended Guarantee is granted against payment for one, two or three years starting from the expiry date of the manufacturer, distributor or seller guarantee period.

2.3 As a part of Extended Guarantee, the Seller agrees to repair or exchange the Product if there is a material or manufacturing defect (due to inherent Product defect).

2.4 Extended Guarantee does not cover after-sales damage, in particular:

  • a) software damage, installed data damage;
  • b) damage resulting from misuse, accident (water damage, falling), Product modification, failure at providing a suitable physical environment (moisture) or working environment, as well as improper maintenance;
  • c) damage resulting from the use of the Product with other Customer's or third party's products;
  • d) damage resulting from fortuitous events or other circumstances (e.g. theft);
  • e) any goods other than the Product, including goods that were purchased by the Customer in the Online Store and delivered with or integrated with the Product.

2.5 In case the Customer's guarantee claim is validated, the Seller shall be obliged, at their own volition, to:

  • a) repair the faulty Product,
  • b) exchange the faulty Product for a new and free of defects Product or, after receiving prior consent from the Customer, for a model with similar characteristics,
  • c) refund the purchase price of the returned Product.

2.6 Extended Guarantee shall not be used as a basis for any claims concerning damages caused by the faulty Product.

2.7 The Extended Guarantee Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively to Products purchased in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

2.8 Extended Guarantee is valid only on the territory of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

§ 3

Extended Guarantee Purchase

3.1 Information that the product is covered by Extended Guarantee is shown directly on the product in the "Guarantees" tab in the online shop.

3.2 The Customer may purchase the Extended Guarantee by using the following means:

  • a) the "pop-up" displayed on the product included in the Extended Guarantee program
  • b) in the "Guarantees" tab on the product covered by the Extended Guarantee program
  • c) directly in the shopping cart
  • d) by contacting the Sales Department

3.3 The Customer has the right to purchase Extended Guarantee within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase of the Product by contacting the Sales Department.

§ 4

Defect reporting

4.1 The Customer shall notify the Seller of any defects covered by Extended Guarantee within 10 calendar days of their discovery.

4.2 Defects shall be reported via the RMA form available after logging in at www.senetic.ie

4.3 The Customer, after reporting the defect, shall deliver the Product requiring repair or exchange to the address indicated by the Seller within the next 7 days, unless the Seller specifies a different date. The date is present on the RMA notification received by the Customer.

§ 5

Final Provisions

5.1 For all matters not regulated by the Regulations, the provisions of the generally applicable law and Online Store Regulations shall apply.

5.2 The Regulations shall enter into force on 27/08/2018 and apply to Extended Guarantee purchased since that date.

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