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Huawei Switch S110-16LP2SR (16*GE ports(124W PoE+), 2*GE SFP ports, AC power)

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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Discover the perfect balance between performance and practicality with the Huawei S110-16LP2SR, an adeptly crafted network switch designed to elevate your business connectivity without compromise. This model, with its 16 auto-sensing 10/100/1000BASE-T ports complemented by 2 additional GE SFP slots, stands as a testament to Huawei's commitment to delivering high-quality, adaptable networking solutions tailored to the demands of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The S110-16LP2SR is more than just a switch; it's a gateway to streamlined operations, offering a sturdy build and intelligent features that blend harmoniously to enhance network efficiency. Energy conservation is paramount in today's eco-conscious business landscape, and this switch delivers on that front with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) capabilities, minimizing your carbon footprint while maintaining peak operational efficiency.

Equipped to handle the unexpected, the Huawei S110-16LP2SR provides features designed to sustain a resilient network. With built-in storm control and loop prevention protocols, the risks of downtime are significantly reduced. Setup and ongoing management are facilitated through an intuitive interface, ensuring that even the most complex network tasks are simplified for your convenience.

Adaptability is at the core of the S110-16LP2SR’s design, offering fiber connectivity options to suit varied networking needs. Whether scaling across longer distances or ensuring high-speed connections among multiple devices, this switch is your reliable partner for growth, ready to meet the rigorous demands of data-intensive applications with unwavering reliability.

Security is non-negotiable in the realm of network management, and the S110-16LP2SR rises to the occasion. It employs advanced security protocols to thwart threats like ARP spoofing and DoS attacks, safeguarding your network's integrity so you can conduct business with absolute peace of mind. It's not merely a piece of hardware; it's a fortress for your data, meticulously engineered to protect your digital assets.

When it comes to selecting a switch that encapsulates efficiency, adaptability, and security, the Huawei S110-16LP2SR is the discerning choice. We invite you to delve deeper into the capabilities of the S110-16LP2SR and how it can seamlessly integrate into and enhance your business infrastructure. Connect with us to unearth the potential of robust networking with Huawei's quality assurance. Begin your journey to a smarter network solution today.


Table 4-13 Basic information about the S110-16LP2SR
Item Details
Description S110-16LP2SR (16*10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 2*GE SFP ports, PoE+, AC power)
Part Number 98012197
Model S110-16LP2SR


Figure 4-6 S110-16LP2SR appearance


PWR indicator


Sixteen GE PoE+ electrical ports


Electrical port indicator


Two GE optical ports


Optical port indicator


Port mode switch button


Standard Mode: All ports are in the same VLAN, and the flow control function is enabled.

Port Isolation: All downlink ports are isolated from each other and cannot communicate with each other. Downlink ports can communicate only with uplink ports. (The last two downlink electrical ports are not isolated.) Uplink ports are not isolated or aggregated.

Uplink Aggregation: Two uplink optical ports are aggregated into a trunk interface. Eth-Trunk supports load balancing only based on source physical ports.

Flow Control Disabling: All ports are in the same VLAN and flow control is disabled.


Port indicator status switch button


Port status: The port indicator indicates the data transmission status of the port.

PoE status: The port indicator indicates the PoE status of the port.


Ground screw


AC socket


Use the power cable delivered with the device.




Table 4-14 Ports on the S110-16LP2SR
Port Connector Type Description Available Components
GE PoE+ electrical port RJ45

A GE PoE+ electrical port sends and receives service data at 10/100/1000 Mbit/s.

The port supports the PoE function.

Ethernet cable

GE optical port SFP A GE optical port can send and receive data at 100/1000 Mbit/s.

Indicators and Buttons

Table 4-15 Description of indicators on the device





PWR indicator



The device is powered off.


Steady on

The power supply is normal.

Port indicator (Port status)




The port is not connected or has been shut down.


Steady on

A link has been established on the port.


During device startup, all port indicators are steady green for about 2 seconds and then off, indicating that service initialization is complete.



The port is sending or receiving data.

Port indicator (PoE status)



The port is not supplying PoE power.


Steady on

The port is supplying power to the connected PD.



The PoE power of the device is insufficient, and the port cannot provide power to the PD.

Power Supply System

The device uses the power adapter delivered with the device to supply power to the device and the connected PD. The power adapter can provide 124 W PoE power, which ensures full PoE power on 8 ports in compliance with 802.3af or on 4 ports in compliance with 802.3at.

Heat Dissipation System

The device has no fans and uses natural heat dissipation.

Technical Specifications

Table 4-16 Technical specifications of the S110-16LP2SR
Item Specification
Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)]

Basic dimensions (excluding the parts protruding from the body): 43.6 mm x 442.0 mm x 260.0 mm (1.72 in. x 17.40 in. x 10.24 in.)

Maximum dimensions (the depth is the distance from ports on the front panel to the parts protruding from the rear panel): 43.6 mm x 442.0 mm x 267.0 mm (1.72 in. x 17.40 in. x 10.51 in.)

Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 90.0 mm x 555.0 mm x 400.0 mm (3.54 in. x 21.85 in. x 15.75 in.)
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Chassis material Metal
Weight without packaging [kg(lb)] 3.0 kg (6.61 lb)
Weight with packaging [kg(lb)] 3.7 kg (8.16 lb)
Typical power consumption [W] 22.0 W
Typical heat dissipation [BTU/hour] 75.07 BTU/hour
Maximum power consumption [W]

Without PoE: 22.0 W

Full PoE load: 160.0 W (PoE: 124 W)

Maximum heat dissipation [BTU/hour]

Without PoE: 75.07

Full PoE load: 545.94

Static power consumption [W] 12.0 W
MTBF [years] 57.77 years
MTTR [hours] 2 hours
Availability > 0.99999
Noise at normal temperature (acoustic power) [dB(A)] Noise-free (no fans), < 30
Noise at normal temperature (acoustic pressure) [dB(A)] Noise-free (no fans), < 20
Number of card slots 0
Number of power slots 0
Number of fans modules 0
Uplink ports 2 x GE SFP ports
Downlink ports 16 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports (124 W PoE+)
Working mode
  • Standard mode
  • Port isolation
  • Uplink aggregation
  • Flow control disabling
MAC address entry 8K
Redundant power supply Not supported
Long-term operating temperature [°C(°F)] 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) at an altitude of 0-1800 m (0-5906 ft.)
Restriction on the operating temperature variation rate [°C(°F)] When the altitude is 1800-5000 m (5906-16404 ft.), the highest operating temperature reduces by 1°C (1.8°F) every time the altitude increases by 220 m (722 ft.).
Storage temperature [°C(°F)] –40°C to +70°C (–40°F to +158°F)
Long-term operating relative humidity [RH] 5% RH to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Long-term operating altitude [m(ft.)] 0–5000 m (0–16404 ft.)
Storage altitude [m(ft.)] 0-5000 m (0-16404 ft.)
Power supply mode AC built-in
Rated input voltage [V] AC input: 100–240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Input voltage range [V] AC input: 90 V AC to 300 V AC; 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Maximum input current [A] 3 A
Memory -
Flash memory -
Console port Not supported
Eth Management port Not supported
USB Not supported
RTC Not supported
RPS input Not supported
Service port surge protection [kV] Common mode: ±4 kV
Power supply surge protection [kV] Differential mode: ±6 kV; common mode: ±6 kV
Ingress protection level (dustproof/waterproof) IP20
Types of fans None
Heat dissipation mode Natural heat dissipation
Airflow direction -
PoE Supported

EMC certification

Safety certification

Manufacturing certification

Ports & interfaces
Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports quantity  Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports quantity
show more
Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports type  Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports type
Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
show more
Combo SFP ports quantity 
show more
Ethernet LAN data rates  Ethernet LAN data rates
10,100,1000 Mbit/s
show more
Rack mounting  Rack mounting
show more
Form factor  Form factor
show more
Product colour  Product colour
show more
LED indicators 
show more
Power source  Power source
show more
AC input voltage  AC input voltage
100 - 240 V
show more
AC input frequency 
50/60 Hz
show more
Input current 
3 A
show more
Power consumption (typical)  Power consumption (typical)
22 W
show more
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)  Power over Ethernet (PoE)
show more
Total Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget 
545.94 W
show more
Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T)  Operating temperature (T-T)
0 - 40 °C
show more
Storage temperature (T-T)  Storage temperature (T-T)
5 - 95 °C
show more
Operating relative humidity (H-H) 
5 - 95%
show more
Storage relative humidity (H-H) 
0 - 5000%
show more
Operating altitude 
0 - 5000 m
show more
Weight & dimensions
Width  Width
442 mm
show more
Depth  Depth
260 mm
show more
Height  Height
43.6 mm
show more
Weight  Weight
3 kg
show more
Packaging data
Package width  Package width
555 mm
show more
Package depth  Package depth
400 mm
show more
Package height  Package height
90 mm
show more
Package weight  Package weight
37 kg
show more

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