Ubiquiti UniFi Network Administrator Online Course - Advanced

Ubiquiti UniFi Network Administrator Online Course - Advanced

Office 365 Heroes : Admin + User

Office 365 Heroes : Admin + User

Ubiquiti UniFi Network Administrator Online Course – Basic

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With Senetic Academy, you will develop your skills in administering reliable UniFi solutions!

As part of the Ubiquiti basic course, you will receive access to 22 lessons that you can return to at any time. You will gain the knowledge necessary to configure the basic settings of UniFi devices. The information provided is based on the experience of engineers specialized in Ubiquiti solutions.

During the course you will learn the basics of the network, controller and how the guest network operates.



Network basics

  • Types of Network Devices
  • Media and Communication
  • Network Topology
  • IP Addressing.



  • What is a controller?
  • Controller activation and configuration on UC-CK
  • Controller Dashboard
  • Controller description
  • Default view and settings configuration
  • Firmware update


Basic configuration of the router, switch and AP


Router configuration

  • Router configuration, load balancing, fail over
  • Defining the network, what is VLAN?


Switch configuration

  • POE what it is and how to change POE settings on ports.


Configuration of Access Points

  • WiFi standards, differences between 2.4 and 5GHz
  • WLAN profiles, Defining the SSID
  • What is Fast Roaming and how to start it properly


Guest network

  • How the guest network works
  • Defining a new SSID for the network


Advanced options

  • Cloud Access


Go to Academy website: https://senetic.academy 


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